Second Anniversary

December 2015

We thankfully arrive in Atlanta on time after nearly missing our flight. They told us to go home because we had arrived too late. Thank god for the other late person who mentioned that he already checked in.

After being pleasantly surprised by Vea's Amazing Cuz we took a quick pit stop at court. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something shinny in the distance. To my surprise I found a little bit of New York right in Atlanta.

Abby and her Boyfriend, Mike, decide to take us to Vortex. They are famous for their Quadruple Coronary Bypass. We arrived just in time to witness two guys in the middle of tackling the challenge. Inspired by their guts we decide to try the Single bypass. We barely survived...

3600 Calories later we decided to check out the local Krispy Kreme. We learned that Red sign mean that the donuts just came out of the oven. Pretty sure Mike ate 2 of those before i finished taking 2 pictures.

So after passing out we woke up the next day ready for breakfast!

Nothing better than beer and a good meal. On our Sweet Water tour we also found the most adorable little guy named Oscar. Unfortunately they would not let me take him home.

Yes we stuffed our faces. It was so good. Just before we left Atlanta we got some dessert. Don't worry we had a balanced diet. SEEEE some fruit!

Next Stop ... New Orleans!

One of the most entertaining shows in New Orleans. These guys mentioned that they have been performing in the same spot for over 30 years. High flying action with a twist of silliness.

After eating our first healthy meal of the trip we bump into a good friend of ours.

One last trip down Bourbon Street before Heading Home.

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