Our First Anniversary

December 19, 2014

It's been a year since we got married. (Didn't screw it up yet. Yes!) We set out on a two day adventure in Baltimore. On the way there we stopped by Philadelphia and rediscovered one of God's greatest creations.

After stuffing our faces we decided to sneak in through the secret entrance of our hotel. Too bad someone had beat us to the SpringHill Suites Vault and took all the loot before we arrived.

Still feeling like Bonnie and Clyde we decided to check out the Power Plant. To our delight we found the "Gangsta's Paradise". Coolio was in the house!

On the way back to the Hotel we took the scenic route through the pier. Looks just like the way it did when I proposed to her two years ago. (Cue Cheesy Line) Except she is even more beautiful than ever.

The Next day, we went to Walters Art Museum. I found myself lost in all the amazing works of art.

After working up an appetite we strolled down to the Thames Street Oyster House.

Can't forget the most important meal of the day. For dessert we went to Pitango Gelato.

Finally, nothing like getting some buns in morning.

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